Kompatible Rasierer

Seit Jahren kaufe ich Rasierer und jedesmal vergesse ich welche Stiele und welche Klingen zusammenpassen. Hier also für mich selber (und jeden den es interessiert), die Kompatibilitätsliste. Ergänzungen bitte gerne an mich.

Gilette Sensor Excel:

Gilette Mach 3:

  • ?

BudniCare MEN Glide 6:

BudniCare Men Glide6

Passt an sonst gar nichts?

LIDL 5hark:

Passt an sonst gar nichts?

A new camera

Our trusty old camera (released in 2010) was getting a bit old, and given Almut’s new hobby food photography (as seen in her blog) we wanted something better than simple point’n-shoot.

However, we were happy with the size-price-quality tradeoff of Panasonic’s Micro-Four-Third lenses. So when Almut’s friend Almuth(sic!) bought an Olympus OM-D M10 Mark II in a discount sale (apparently Olympus wants to clean out its shelves), we bought the Olympus OM-D M10 Mark III kit with an 14-42mm (f3.5-5.6) and a 40-150mm lens (just a little more expensive than the Mark II and the old one was sold out). It got decent reviews, was light enough to be taken on a trip and offered enough advanced options for playing around with. Of course it is not exactly brand new (released 2017) and its 16MP resolution was already claimed to be a little on the low side back then. But hey, if 3.7MP are enough to win a photo competition, this should be plenty :-).

And after the first tests we are happy. Side-by-side shots with the old vs the new camera look better, the zoom capabilities of the new lens are great (there goes the need for hundreds of megapixels just to zoom in digitally), and we were able to achieve much better effects with aperture, depth of field and bokeh than we ever were able to do on the old one. First quick test shots:

Connecting Keepassxc Portable on Windows with Firefox

I am using the excellent KeepassXC on all my computers, it works on Windows (work-supplied laptop), Linux (home) and there are mobile clients too. On my Windows work laptop I am using the PortableApps version. The keepassxc devs offer a portable zip for download (KUDOS!) but I do like the seamless upgrades and the start menu the PortableApps platform offers. So far, so good.

However, I – seemingly like many others – have trouble to connect the portable version with the Firefox browser extension to enable autofill. After lots of trial and error and debugging attempts (debugging led to no more detail than “key exchange failed”, unfortunately), I have gotten it working. See below what I did, in the hope that it might be useful for others and for future reference to myself (I posted this in the portable app forum too -and- as the problem seems widespread as an issue in the keepassxc issue tracker. It was quickly closed there as the devs don’t want to support PortableApps versions, fair enough, but would perhaps saved them a few support requests if the information were to be find in their development wiki):

Initial Problem PortableApps Keepassxc (2.5.3)
Some things worked as intended:

  • I had a registry key under “Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mozilla\NativeMessagingHosts\org.keepassxc.keepassxc_browser”,
  • it pointed to the correct org.keepassxc.keepassxc_browser_firefox.json file
  • which pointed to a correct path “C:\Users\spaetz\bin\PortableApps\KeePassXCPortable\App\KeePassXC\keepassxc-proxy.exe”

When I started Firefox, I got a running keepassxc-proxy.exe process as a Firefox child process. However, trying to connect, all I got is a “key exchange failed” error. Turning on add-on debugging led to the same result and not more helpful information.
When I turned off the use of a proxy in the keepassxc settings (Browser integration -> Advanced), starting Firefox actually also started a keepassxc instance automatically, however all I still got was a “key exchange failed” error. NO combination of options, deleting of keepassxc and/or the browser extension, deletion of registry entries, or using a fresh Firefox profile helped.

Possible Solution

I noted that there are actually 2 binaries:
C:\Users\spaetz\bin\PortableApps\KeePassXCPortable\KeePassXCPortable.exe (248kb) and
C:\Users\spaetz\bin\PortableApps\KeePassXCPortable\App\KeePassXC\KeePassXC.exe (7094kb)

The latter is also the directory which contains the keepassxc-proxy.exe. The binary in the former directory is what is started when one starts keepassxc through the PortableApps menu.

IF I directly start the latter binary, the Firefox extension is able to connect to the running keepassxc. If I start the former, I will get a key exchange failed error. Somehow, in this case the proxy will probably try to talk to the wrong binary. (not sure what weird wrapper the first binary is).

I autostart BINARY2 now on system start (Hit WIN-R, type shell:startup and paste a “link” to the correct keepassxc.exe) and that seems to do the trick for me. I realize that this is not the fault of keepassxc, but given the multitude of reported errors and the unhelpful error message I think this might be of use for other users of the Portable Version. It might be useful on the wiki if confirmed by other users of the portable version on windows….

Almut’s new food blog

E.g. Baked Custard, img: a href="https://aspaeth.de/baked-custard/">Almut Spaeth (CC AT-NC-ND 4.0)
EBaked Custard, img: Almut Spaeth (License: CC AT-NC-ND 4.0)

Almut kocht gerne und vegetarisch. Nun hat sie sich ihr 27 Jahre altes Kochbuch “Home Cooking” von Linda McCartney vorgenommen und kocht es durch, schlägt Varianten vor und fotografiert die Gerichte neu. Noch dazu veröffentlicht sie alles in ihrem neuen food blog “A new take on Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking”. Leider müssen wir als kulinarische Versuchskaninchen herhalten :-), aber es gibt schlimmeres als leckeres Essen.

Dear London, a few questions

The Round House, London
Why is the Round House not actually round?
The Spaghetti House
Why is the Spaghetti House not thin as a spaghetti?
Taking a nap is actually not that comfortable on these benches…

Some more questions:

  • Why does it seem like Little Italy is right next to Chinatown?
  • Why are pedestrian green cycles so short that a good walker barely makes it across alive?
  • Why does the tube enforce digital detox? My phone does not detect a single phone carrier underground.
  • Why do people stand on the right hand side on escalators and overtake on the left hand side in a left-driving country?
  • Are grey-brownish squirrels tasteful? St. James’es Park has plenty of them!
Cars seem a little weird in the UK…

So many questions, clearly I will have to come back for answers… 🙂

When it rains, it pours

I am in London this week, to visit my old colleague Stefan Haefliger. It is good seeing him (and his sweet little daughter Emmett). I like to walk around a lot in cities that I do not know well, so I walked from office at Cass Business School back to my hotel.

No, that is NOT the university where I am a guest researcher…

And then it rained! The Dailymail titled it “Commuter chaos across southern England as four major London stations are closed due to flooding when torrential thunderstorms dump a MONTH’S rain on the capital in hours” (and has impressive pictures of flooded stations)

That large spike yesterday is when I was out there! (img:ⓒBen Lee-Rodgers)

The nicest weather data I could find was from nw3weather.co.uk (thanks, Mr. Lee-Rodgers) which recorded a rain rate of 60 mm/h (16:31) and a daily amount of rain of 24.2 mm just on Sep 24th. There is an average monthly rainfall of 34.6 mm, so it was not quite a month’s of rain in a day, but close enough for me to get soaked.

All photos except the weather chart are (c) by me and under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Am Wochenende haben wir endlich unsere selbstgebaute Rakete ausprobiert. Modell Ariel vom Raketenmodellbaushop Klima, die wir uns als Bausatz bestellt hatten. Der Zusammenbau geht gut von der Hand, mit ein bisschen Kleber und zwei Kindern als Helfer geht das problemlos.

Modellbaurakete mit Startrampe
Rakete Ariel vor ihrem ersten Start ©Spaeth CC-BY-SA 4.0
Startrampe nach dem ersten Start ©Spaeth CC-BY-SA 4.0

Getestet haben wir mit einer batteriebetriebenen Elektrozündung und dem kleinsten verfügbaren Motor (Typ A6-4).
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0!

…Zisch, und ab ging es, ca. 45 Meter hoch. Dann am Fallschirm schön wieder nach unten. Ein voller Erfolg! Und eine gute Gelegenheit um einmal unsere Walkie-talkies einzusetzen, damit der Startpyromane mit der Recovery-Crew sprechen kann, die die Rakete auf dem Feld wiederholen musste.

Danach wurden wir etwas übermütig und haben den starken Motor eingebaut. Start! und ab gings. So hoch, dass wir die Rakete erst nicht mehr sehen konnten! Dann sah man den roten Fallschirm eine Weile HOCH oben in der Luft pendeln. Und dann… muss eine Windböje aufgekommen sein, jedenfalls war der rote Fleck am Himmel weg und tauchte nie wieder auf. Vielleicht steckt Ariel jetzt auch auf der Sonnenoberfläche :-).

Spaß gemacht haben unsere zwei Starts jedenfalls und wir werden sicherlich wieder eine Ariel zünden, sobald wir eine neue haben…