Swiss traveler club

I changed my “Qualiflyer” membership into a “Swiss Frequent Flyer” one. This took 6 e-mails and three days. After a week I got a nice plastic card with my name on it… but no PIN to log in :-(! After calling to the hotline, they told me that they would send me one, it would take up to two weeks! Oh my God, don’t they have some automated processes there? (Besides, they had managed to get my address wrong into their system). IDIOTS

Update: By 2006 this has been converted to the Lufthansa miles’n more system.
Update 2009-07-07: I just rediscovered this blog post and find it interesting that I disliked their customer service even back then. By the way, my colleague Stefan Haefliger had even much more horrible experiences in getting his card (it took several months).