Clicking the screen

Karim Lakhani writes about the Boston workshop

Interestingly, every presenter, when they wanted to go to the next slide would point the clicker at the giant white screen and the press the forward button. BUT WAIT!! Its just a giant white screen – made up of some toxic plactic material. There are NO electronics there. The wireless reciever for the clicker was hidden behind my laptop. Good thing – this gizmo had a omni directinal antenna and could pick up clicks from where ever.

However it is interesting to think that most intelligent people click towards the screen instead of towards the laptop. I guess we have been so conditioned by TV and the remote that we just click the object which is displaying the image and not think about where the guts of it our.

Hehe, very sharp observation and so very true. I guess watching TV might explain it, on the other hand it shows that even todays intelligent people are not able to comprehend and cope with’s todays complex technology anymore.