GrokLaw – More Rebuttals to AdTI’s Ken Brown by Interviewees Ilkka Tuomi and Andrew Tanenbaum

For those having followed the Adti debacle, and their ~`study ‘~ that Linus Torvalds was not really the inventor of Linux, here come more rebuttals from the interviewees of this study. Boy, this would be a serious researchers night mare. I hope M$ has paid well for this (they admit funding this ~`think tank’~).
From a groklaw article:

Tuomi takes the time to carefully rebut Brown’s conclusions. Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, Andrew Tanenbaum, Dennis Ritchie, Eric Raymond, historian Peter H. Salus, and the man hired by AdTI to compare Minix and Linux code, Alexy Toptygin (who found no copied code) have all gone public with reactions or corrective information. Andrew Tanenbaum has responded a second and now a third time.