Dave Jones on open source questionnaires

I guess developers don’t like questionnaire requests anymore… Link here

“Hi, I’m a student at the university of fooville, and I’m doing a research project for my dissertation into open source. Please fill out my online questionaire. When complete, I will send you the results”.

I am *so* tired of reading these things year after year. Almost exactly the same questions, no doubt coming to exactly the same conclusions (I’ve long since given up caring, after first filling out a few of these five years or so back.) What’s really annoying is that the number of these seems to grow each year. If you want to survey people, at least make it interesting, especially if you’re following in the footsteps of at least a few dozen others who have done the exact same “research” projects. I guess you don’t win bonus marks in dissertations for originality any more.

I pity the people having to read and grade these things year after year.