New car

Brandnew VW!Almut and I bought a new car: A new Volkswagen Fox. As they are manufactured in Brasil and shipped to Europe it takes 4 months to configure it to your taste. So you can either take the ones in the showroom or the own on their way to Europe. All but the two models in the showroom had air conditioning and other unwanted extras, so we actually had the choice between a black and a white one.
We own now a cream white Volkswagen Fox and it is fantastic. It uses the motor from the “Polo” and is actually quite big (although it carries only 4 persons). It consumes about 5-6 litres / 100km (not tested yet) which is as low as it seems to get with reasonably priced cars.
All in all we are happy car owners. P.S. If Almut didn’t need it to commute to her new job, I’d have chosen a car sharing solution, but this is much more comfortable.