Nokia 770 feedback

After a couple of weeks with my shiny new Nokia 770, I thought I should post some thoughts and feedback.

First of all: What is the N770?
Nokia describes it as a completely new category of gadgets, they see it neither as a mobile phone nor as a regular PDA. It’s a Linux based handheld that is intended to give you easy internet access wherever you are.

I ordered it through the Nokia webshop, and although shipped from Belgium, the device was promptly delivered 3 days later to me in Switzerland.

The device looks solid, the only thing that’s cheesy are the supplied stands in which one can put the 770 like in a cradle. However, they fall over whenever you touch the 770 so they are next to worthless.

What I love about it, is the instant-on hibernation. Whenever you slide the cover on the 770 it goes to sleep (the battery lasts for about 7 days then), when you open the cover it’s on again. Instantly. Wow, I wish my laptop were like this.