Although all Linux distributions basically consist of the same set of tools and applications, it seems to matter a lot which one you use. It’s just like with cars, while any of them would probably suffice for your daily uses (getting you and sometimes somebody else from spot A to spot B), the choice of a car requires serious considerations. “What will the neighbors think? Is it important how much gas it takes? Is the color important? Do I need all optional safety features? Does it need to just work or be tuneable?”

Newsforge has written an article which lightheartedly analyzes what the choice of Linux distribution says about you. E.g. this is what the typical Gentoo user is about:

If John Wayne had been a Linux user, he would have used Gentoo. Gentoo users are pioneers, people who like to live close to the metal, and don’t mind hurting themselves on sharp objects. Some feel that Gentoo users are simply lazy louts who always want to have a ready excuse for why they are not doing constructive things with their computer, other than compiling or recompiling the latest kernel, app, or hapless passerby. The official Gentoo motto is, “If it moves, compile it.”

This page is an ongoing effort to document my experience with the Linux distributions that I have used over time. More to come here….