Back from NZ in CH

I am back from my near four weeks of holiday in New Zealand. It was really cool. Just the trip itself, with 30, respectively 40 hours of travel time for each way, is horribly exhausting.

Together with Almut, I watched Penguins and Dolphins, did a 3-day hike, walked up a glacier and did a 3-day sea kayak tour (and that are just some of the highlights). Wonderful being able to spend so much time together.

Driving on the left side is no problem for me, I get used to that pretty quickly. But Asian cars in New Zealand have the indicator and the wiper switched, so I did a lot of wiping in the cities when I wanted to turn left or right. How annoying is that!

Unfortunately we missed the plane on our way back. Unfortunately, it was not even a higher power preventing us, but simple stupidity on our side… and had to stay 2 days longer than planned. As a little bonus for our stupidity we got upgraded on our flight from Dubai to Zurich to First Class. Having been crammed in an Economy cage for 14 hours on the previous flight, that was quite a difference. Wow!