I am recovering from a frozen shoulder. I received a vaccination against ticks and put up some IKEA furniture two days later. One of the two (or the combination) was not good at all. I could not move my shoulder at all and every bit hurt like hell. So I went to the doctor again (twice in a year so far, I’m getting old!!!) and came back with the diagnosis frozen shoulder (the wikipedia article is quite informative, and quite scary too).

What hurt most, was lying down. Yes, exactly, that means that sleeping was hell. I hardly slept for a few days and one night I fled to an armchair and slept there. Weird, isn’t it? Fortunately, I seem to be in the unfreezing phase again and my arm is getting better.

That week, wan’t the most productive work wise, though and has cost me a week. I am glad that my arm is getting better, though, and wait anxiously for my second ticks vaccination in July now…