Sony ebook reader PRS-505

I recently ordered the new Sony PRS-505 ebook reader. It has a e-ink display that only uses power when turning pages and supposedly has a resolution that equals paper print. I hope that the paperless office comes a step closer with this one, as I still rpefer printouts to reading on screen.

What is interesting, but not advertized, that little gadget is based on Linux as well. If you have a look at Sony’s Linux website, offering downloads for used open source software, you’ll be amazed how many of its products are based on some GPL’ed software.

There is – obviously – already a hacker community around that little thing, improving it in unknown and unintended ways. They are adding new file formats and other cool stuff.

It is getting closer!!! Exiting:

9:21 am	With delivery courier.   	Zurich, Switzerland
8:52 am	Arrived at DHL facility.   	Zurich, Switzerland
7:26 am	Depart Facility   	Basel, Switzerland
6:01 am	Clearance processing complete   	Basel, Switzerland
6:01 am	Processing for clearance   	Basel, Switzerland
6:00 am	Transit through DHL facility   	Basel, Switzerland
3:38 am	Depart Facility   	Brussels, Belgium
10:21 pm	Transit through DHL facility   	Brussels, Belgium
10:28 am	Depart Facility   	New York City Gateway, NY
 4:45 am	Depart Facility   	Wilmington - Clinton Field, OH
11:01 pm	Depart Facility   	Pinellas Park, FL
8:07 pm	Depart Facility   	Bradenton, FL
2:32 pm	Shipment picked up   	Bradenton, FL