Coming to an end

We have been in Laax now for 10 days, working really hard on an article. I had brought my Skis, but we never got round to skiing, the only distractions we had was half an hour of walk and a restaurant visit each day. I do know all the cool places in Laax now (although we did miss the “Western Night”). We’ll head down tomorrow again and things are slowly coming to an end. Everyone is busy now doing administrative stuff (like compiling the SMI annual report) and motivation is generally decreasing as our concentration lapses. It’s time to go back, I think, before collective insanity starts spreading even more. It was certainly a fun event though, and a productive one too. I think we will repreat this type of retreat more often.

I do look forward to my upcoming holiday though. Spending some quiet quality time with Almut (this will probably be the last quiet time for the next 18 years or so), is something I sorely need now. Reading a book, have some kites flying, walking along (the cold and windy) beaches is exactly what I need now.