Nighttrain to Ljubljana

We are on the night train to Ljubljana now. Previously, when we had finished office work, I bought “Grand Theft Auto 4” for our office XBox. And boy, that is a cool game. Unfortunately ten people were killed due to our driving style, and Stefan managed to enter the subway on the railway tracks before being shot by the police. That game is so much more fun than Halo3, which overwhelms my motoric capabilities

Stefan had read a review on the nighttrain to Ljubljana and we were expecting some crappy old train. And a crappy old train it is, but for one coach which is new. Guess, who is in that new coach which has nice two person compartments :-). Rrrright, we lie on our linen sheets, drink a beer and read newspaper. We have plenty of space, a washing bassin, electric plugs, LED lamps, working air conditioning, toothbrush, shoe polish, water and croissants.

I do envy my colleagues who had two be 2 hours early at the airport today, to get a noisy prop machine, to a rural small airport, from which one has to find some transport means to the city, which is far away. Or don’t i envy them? I forget.

All in all, this conference trip certainly starts out nice and we have plenty of time tomorrow to get to know Ljubljana until the program starts. Stefan will meet his friend Julia and I will find an open WLAN to post this.