Night shifts

Why didn’t anyone tell me that little babies sleep a lot during the day, but never during nights? I think, ours is still living in a completely different time zone than we are (although we are adapting…).
The last couple of nights have been quite exhausting, as little Oliver is completely happy when lying on somebodies stomach, but starts crying as soon as put on his back (or belly) in our bed. Which means that we took shifts in having him lying on us.
Although, he is very good at casting quick glances whether we are still there during his sleep. Amazing ability!
Tonight was the first night where we could get some rest though. He slept for 6 and then for another 2 hours (and I didn’t even wake up for his night meal). Yay for that! I don’t know whether the endless repeat loop of Celtic Lullaby really tired him, or whether he just pretended to sleep to make it stop (I would have!).

All in all, we are very happy and exited still. He’s just so cute!
It’s amazing how little you get done all day, when caring for a baby. At least we already managed to send out all our birth announcement cards.