One size fits all

Not only has the news about our article spread on to an LWN news entry but yesterday it was featured as a Nature research highlight (subscription required).

Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 218701 (2008)
In the 1940s, linguist George Kingsley Zipf found that the probability distribution of a wide range of variables, including word-use frequency and demographic distributions, depends on the rank of the variable according to a power law. Now Thomas Maillart and his colleagues at ETH Zurich in Switzerland report empirical evidence from the spread of open-source software that an explanation posited in 1955 is correct….

Note the “and his colleagues”, that’s me :-). I really need to update my biography to say “his works have been featured in Nature as a research highlight” now :-).

Update: We have also appeared in an ETH Life article, the house newspaper of our University.