It’s a long time ago that I did some open source programming, but last weekend I finally got around and hacked some hours.

Since I own an OpenMoko Freerunner, but there is no mature software for it yet, I find myself tweaking and setting stuff on it via the terminal, which is not very convenient with no keyboard attached. shr-settings is great but it is written in python. While this is the language I am most comfortable is, I recognize that it is not a good choice for an embedded device with low hardware specs. But then I got rusty with ANSI C and find it very uncomfortable by now.

So I learned the GUI framework of choice on the FR, enlightenment elementary and a new programming language, “vala“. My first project in order to learn the stuff is simply to clone shr-settings and see if it makes any speed difference. So without any further ado, here is the code for vala-settings: github.