More impressions from Seattle

Even coffee chains do nice coffee now

Even coffee chains can do nice coffee nowadays.

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My favorite is the Solstice coffee though

My favorite coffee is the Solstice cafe though.

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Yes, coffee is important, and Seattle is the home of good coffee in the US. The shelves offer an amazing range of brands.

U of W building with fountain

I always thought our office building is decent.

But this is before I saw this…

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Suzallo library reading room

The library reading room is a great office!

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Today I met Michal Juraska, the former exchange student who stayed at my uncle’s place for a year. The world is small, isn’t it? He is a nice guy and speak near-perfect German after 9 nears of abstinence. He might take me on a hiking trip on Saturday (he tried climbing first, but my Burger-filled body is not up to that task…)

Random curious impressions: Even Hawaiian Burgers contain Teriyaki Ham and "Swiss". What defines Swiss Cheese, I wonder? Ketchup does not go with fries automatically, one has to order it. Teriyaki is my fate, I cannot avoid it.

Wedgwood Ale house has both motherly waiters that greets regulars like they are family members and cool, baseball-cap donning and toothpick chewing waiters for people like me. It does have some advantage though (besides being a few blocks from my home), it features "Steam Train Porter" — a robust dark ale is brewed with Chocolate, Brown and Crystal malts that give it chocolate and raosted coffe flavors.

Also, I do note that I am getting old. My favorite radio station is KJR FM, the Seattle station that plays 50s-70s music. Oh my…