Kopenhagen Airport

I had planned to write about my conference trip to Tallinn (nice), and meeting of friends such as Christina Raasch (also nice), but it turned out to become a rant on Kopenhagen Airport (not nice).

I arrived at gate A15 and had to take my connecting flight from gate A14, right next to it. However, I also needed to see a transfer desk in order to be checked in for the connecting flight.

In order to get there you need to walk down the whole row of gates, through the whole shopping area (coincidence?) and to the "Transfer center". All in all about 10 minutes of walking (1 way). Way can’t they have a transfer desk where it is actually needed? Or a checking machine at the gates? All I needed was to checking. But that’s not all.

I had a flight booked with SAS, the connecting flight was an SAS flight operated by Swiss. I queued at the SAS checkin counter and waited: "No, this is an SAS flight, but operated by Swiss, so you have to go to the next row of counters where they handle Swiss flights?" What the…? (If I had had to queue for a long time, I would have been seriously pissed by now. As it was, I was only moderately pissed) So I wondered down to the other counter row, helpfully labeled as "Novia" (they didn’t bother to write Swiss anywhere). The clerk asked me what flight and I told him SAS 3507 to Zurich. He "ahh, SAS, you’ll have to go to the other row for that". At this point in time I was ready to cut off heads, if they only had allowed weaponery in this area. I insisted, he checked me in, and I walked 10 minutes back to where I had started my journey.

I am just glad, I had enough time for changing and the counter queues were short. Otherwise this could have been a nasty Kopenhagen airport experience…