New Thunderbird plugins

The new world has arrived for Thunderbird 60, and many old plugins of mine stopped working. Here are the substitutes I found useful.

  1. I had been using “Nostalgy” to quickly file away messages from my INBOX into arbitrary folders. Unfortunately, Nostalgy has not survived the switch, so I use a combination of: Quick Folder move which enables the same functionality but uses SHIFT-M as hotkey and Dorando Keyconfig to keep using the old “S” from nostalgy for filing away things.
  2. I had been using the EWS Exchange plugin to connect to my employer’s Exchange server. And I use Cardbook to connect to my carddav/caldav server. Unfortunately, this has not seen an update for quite some time. I could test with the fork from here , however, I am now using a combination of TBsync which connects to both Exchange and Caldav/carddav servers, using this plugin. TBsync nicely works with CategoryManager. The one drawback of TBsync is that it does not synchronize shared calenders from EWS, apparently.