A new camera

Our trusty old camera (released in 2010) was getting a bit old, and given Almut’s new hobby food photography (as seen in her blog) we wanted something better than simple point’n-shoot.

However, we were happy with the size-price-quality tradeoff of Panasonic’s Micro-Four-Third lenses. So when Almut’s friend Almuth(sic!) bought an Olympus OM-D M10 Mark II in a discount sale (apparently Olympus wants to clean out its shelves), we bought the Olympus OM-D M10 Mark III kit with an 14-42mm (f3.5-5.6) and a 40-150mm lens (just a little more expensive than the Mark II and the old one was sold out). It got decent reviews, was light enough to be taken on a trip and offered enough advanced options for playing around with. Of course it is not exactly brand new (released 2017) and its 16MP resolution was already claimed to be a little on the low side back then. But hey, if 3.7MP are enough to win a photo competition, this should be plenty :-).

And after the first tests we are happy. Side-by-side shots with the old vs the new camera look better, the zoom capabilities of the new lens are great (there goes the need for hundreds of megapixels just to zoom in digitally), and we were able to achieve much better effects with aperture, depth of field and bokeh than we ever were able to do on the old one. First quick test shots: