My CoC (Code of Conduct)

My generic code of conduct for technical discussion rooms.

  1. Apply Common Sense.
  2. Err on the side of politeness.
  3. In this community we are bonded by a common interest, we are not friends and not supposed to act like we would act towards our best friends.
  4. Electronic communication makes things prone to misunderstandings. Minimize sarcasm and other things that can easily be taken as offensive.
  5. Keep the channel ontopic. There is no need to talk about your favorite political parties or other sensitive topics in a technical channel. There are places for that. Examples are abortion, gay rights, racism, …, you get it.
  6. Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity (or ignorance). Assume that people act in good faith. If not, your client has “ignore lists” for specific people.
  7. Don’t be a dog.