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Balancing Traxxas LiPos

Olivers Traxxas Summit (which is a cool car, and an expensive one!) has two LiPo batteries which have a female Traxxas iD plug (TRX). And it has a balancing connection built in. Unfortunately, Traxxas chargers are horribly expensive, and we have a nice one. It just does not have a Traxxas iD plug for charging.

XH 3-poliger Stecker

Solder iron to the rescue, now we have a nicely working adapter. But all that aside, what was REALLY difficult to find out is the pin layout of the XT plug used for balancing of a S2 battery. So without further ado: This is the plug that goes into the balancing port of the charger:

Looking at the plug with the metal pins visible from the top from left to right:

  • Red cable: Minus
  • Black cable: Balancing
    (plus of 1. cell)
  • Yellow cable: Plus

(German keywords: Pinbelegung XT Balancing Stecker 2S)