Differences between swearing cultures

Did you know that different cultures seem to swear very differently? What is used to express annoyance in one language is *really bad* in other languages. Interesting…

  • English: Swearing focuses on sexual areas: fuck, son of a…. Shit is worse than fuck (correct me if I’m wrong)
  • German: Swearing focuses on faecal areas, mainly “Scheisse” (shit) (isn’t considered that bad. Fuck is a lot more rude.)
  • Swedish: Don’t swear a lot generally. Mainly focusing on religious areas: helvete (hell), fan (devil)

Trivia: The movie “Four weddings and a funeral” starts out in the original with Hugh Grant saying “fuck” about 20 times in a row. The German synchronization translates that to “shit” (litterally; using the English word, no German translation)