VoiP done right

I have been experimenting with Voice over IP phone software, but none had worked so well (and without tweaking) that I could recommend it to friends and colleagues who are not computer geeks. I have found one now, amazingly enough it is a commercial software that I recommend to all who want to do VoIP: The Gizmoproject. It is basically Skype using open standards. The graphical interface looks very similar and it works basically in the same manner. With the difference that it is using the open SIP standard. Which means you can call any other VoIP software using SIP (nearly all nowadays), and all the hardware VoIP phones that exist today. It even includes a Jabber account, so you can “instant message” all people which are online on a jabber account (and phone call all who are using google talk). It is technically using a sipphone account (the company behinf the gizmnoproject). Did I mention that it was founded and is still run my Michael Robertson of mp3.com and Linspire.com fame?