Favorite movies

(This list hasn’t been updated since 2003 or so)

MatrixSciFi, Thriller, Actiongreat camera work. Everything is consistent within the parallel world.
Once Upon a Time in the WestWestern, DramaGreat western. Music by Ennio Morricone. Works best on a really big movie screen.
A life less ordinaryComdey, Action
As good as it gets
James BondActionBasically all the old ones with Sean Connery
Knocking on heavens doorOne of the few good German films
Groundhog Day
Rain Man
Shawshank Redemption
TronAction, Fantasy, AdventureI simply love the 80’s computer graphics and video games 🙂
Last Boy ScoutOne of my favorites when I was a teenager.
Das Boot
The Usual SuspectsCrime, Thriller, Mystery
Mystic RiverDrama, Mystery, Crime
Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking BarrelsCrime, Thriller, Comedy
FargoCrime, Thriller, Comedy