I am back from a nice family weekend in Frankfurt. I never thought of Frankfurt as a pretty or interesting city, but it actually is. It is good to get away from your regular day-to-day business and spend some family-time. That is what we try to do each year in a different place. Although I had caught a cold, it was nice exploring Frankfurt, drinking “Äppelwoi” and just catching up with the family in general.

We also went to the cinema and watched “Die drei Räuber”, an animation film, based on a 1960’s children book by Tomi Ungerer, which my brother helped to produce. It is a good movie, with lots of fun details added. It’s told in a slow fashion though, not action packed. I wonder if children are still used – and can stand – such a quiet way of narrating a story. One of my favorites is the sountrack, it’s been composed by “Bananafishbones” and is very catchy.

Short (randomly gogled) review (German) here. The German magazine “Der Stern” also has a favorible review (including Song text). The Internet Movie Data Base website has some basic infos, but is still awaiting 5 votes, so if you have seen the film, go and rate it.