Random FOSDEM observations and notes

  • Mark Surman from Mozilla gave a somewhat boring talk, Bdale Garbee from Debian gave a nie project overview
  • Big companies have Chief Open Source Software Officers (sun) or OSS & Linux chief Technologists (HP) nowadays.
  • Enrico Zini has an interesting DDE project, that might be useful for doing dependency analyses. Look into it
  • Who is Luca Capella from the Debian OpenMoko project?
  • Monotonous speech patterns make even interesting topics appear very boring. It is just not possible to concentrate, even with the best intentions.
  • Average head hair length at the conference is probably the same as the normal population average, but it peaks at the extreme sides of the spectrum :). The number of beards and weird hats is definitely above average.
  • People drink beer at every time of the day.

Short video of the packed main hall by Quim Gil:

5000 hackers at FOSDEM 2009 from Quim Gil on Vimeo.