Sitting in the reception of the FOSDEM Coonference in Brussels. It has a very amazing atmosphere, I really like that. The one thing that is annoying is my cold. I still don’t feel very well, sneeze and cough all the time. Almut forced me to take 5 packages of handkerchiefs with me and I think I am going to use them all up.

I also missed the FOSDEM beer event yesterday, as I didnt really feel like going out. Instead I bought one beer and watched “Die Hard 2” from the bed in my hotel room. How social! 🙂

On a positive note: Taking a little eeePC and an openmoko phone with me, satisfies all my computer needs quite nicely.

Got a textmessage from Almut: Oliver was standing all by himself, holding himself to the fridge. Yay! I think we were not a day early when we secured our stair case last week…