UOI 2009

A list of interesting pointers and examples that I have picked up during the presentation. This is in no way representative or complete, so feel free to add more examples :):

Crowd sourcing/User inno examples:

  • MyMuesli (what is this?)
  • M&M, community decides next color launched, 10m participants
  • Threadles
  • Austrian Green PArty: has it’s voters decide which ads are used in the next campaign
  • Christoph Fuchs: Willingness to pay was 50% higher for “user innovated” products
  • Jewell L Osterholm, PhD invented a method to deliver oxygen, glucose and amino acids through the brain. For this she needed to invent synthetic spinal fluid and a harness to guide the drill
  • 232 CT scanners in Switzerland in 179 centers, 19% reported to “user innovate” on them (hard and/or software)
  • Swarowski Design Contest (?)

Examples where companies did not react welcoming (at first, at least)

  • IKEA Hacker Community
  • Nike Sweatshop Emails
  • Lego Mindstorm