Impressions from the Hamburg User Innovation Workshop

Hamburg is amazing. Yesterday we had dinner at a cool place called FUH (subtitle: a room to eat). My brother had sold it to us as a vegetarian restaurant, but they actually had only 1 or 2 veggie dishes. We had to wait quite long for the food, but heavens, it was really good. Did you ever have frozen peach-espresso balls? We had a nice time with Wolfram and Stefan, thanks guys.

We feel a little like people coming from the country into a city for the very first time. After buying a public transport day ticket, Stefan and I entered a first class bus where those tickets were not valid (have you ever heard of first class busses?).

I haven’t been able to catch up with my mails the last couple of days though, so if you have written me, hold on… I’m still alive and I’ll be responding in time.

The conference is really nice. It is a small (compared to big conferences) community, but very friendly and dedicated. I enjoyed to meet old colleagues and friends and get to know new ones.

Saving the world

Am I the only one finding it amusing to see a ‘I hate global warming’ T-Shirt on a SecondLife avatar? (each virtual person in second life consumes more power than the average Brazilian person in real life)