Going to Seattle

Well, at least I am trying hard to get to Seattle to visit Sonali Shah, so far without much success.

  1. Delay due to the Iceland volcanoe of 2 hours, half an hour due to head wind

  2. 2.5h queuing at the immigration control (that makes US immigration worse than a volcanoe!)

  3. Missed connection flight in Washington DC, 2 more hours of queuing at the customer service counter.

    I actually tried to rebook at the checkin computer as suggested but
    that caused the United kiosk to crash and just display "Closed" on
    the monitor. Trying from a different terminal tells me to pick up
    the phone for assistence which, when I do it leads to the terminal
    simply showing the start screen again and not connecting me to

  4. Sleep at the airport, next morning I am booked on a
    flight to San Francisco(!!!!), then perhaps off to Seattle.

  5. United offers me a voucher for cheap hotel services (without
    specifying what those would cost). 6) Being up for 24h now, I am
    too tired to be angry.

UPDATE: "America runs on Dunkin’" How the crap can one survive this coffee (small size=414ml) lest run on it! Poor America. I had to throw it away.