Long time no blog

Oh my, I have not blogged for a long time. Need to fix that. Basically, I have been sick for the last three weeks. My family and I seem to take turns in getting sick (and to contaminate each other).

So I missed my chairs Christmas dinner, where Stefan and Fotini prepared all the delicious food themselves this year, a pity…. I am also close to declaring email bankruptcy, not having read my private email account for something close to 2 weeks now. Not mentioning, not following all the exciting things that I tend to read.

Things are getting a bit better, and we able to celebrate Johanna’s second birthday today. I hope the next year will have her develop further and catching up with all the stuff that kids usually do, like learning to walk and talk…

On a side note, Oliver really felt sick this morning and he said when we ate Brithday cake, he said to me:

"Daddy, could you please hold my cake? I need to vomit." (which he finally did not do). Now, that is polite, isn’t it?