Dear London, a few questions

The Round House, London
Why is the Round House not actually round?
The Spaghetti House
Why is the Spaghetti House not thin as a spaghetti?
Taking a nap is actually not that comfortable on these benches…

Some more questions:

  • Why does it seem like Little Italy is right next to Chinatown?
  • Why are pedestrian green cycles so short that a good walker barely makes it across alive?
  • Why does the tube enforce digital detox? My phone does not detect a single phone carrier underground.
  • Why do people stand on the right hand side on escalators and overtake on the left hand side in a left-driving country?
  • Are grey-brownish squirrels tasteful? St. James’es Park has plenty of them!
Cars seem a little weird in the UK…

So many questions, clearly I will have to come back for answers… 🙂